Our goal is to build an strong team and a great gym culture, with lots of camaraderie and teamwork. We know that creating an environment in which people are motivated, fostering an atmosphere of empowerment, and supporting our fighters, athletes, and clients, is how we can achieve world-class status. That’s why we offer such an affordable and flexible plan to our members. Unlike many other gyms, we think about relationships before anything else. Many other gyms will charge double our monthly membership, to work out and train in a less than ideal environment. We understand the resources that one needs to succeed and be happy. Your personal progress is rewarding to us. When you are adding skills, being more healthy and becoming a better person it makes us happy. Simply put we are all working towards a common goal. It’s a winwin for everybody. We encourage you to take as many scheduled classes as you like, in all the different workouts we offer.