Sandy E

I’ve trained with santi (Mike) for 5 years now. He’s been my trainer, coach and occasional therapist as well. His new gym has everything needed to start either your weight loss journey, or your fighting career! I walked into his old gym pushing 200 lbs. he’s gotten me down to 130lb. When I stopped training due to personal reasons, I walked back in at 185lbs and currently we are at 139lbs and going. He’s trained me in my weight loss journey as well as coached me for my first fight! You will absolutely not be disappointed with this guy or his gym! From the second you walk in you are treated like family! Every person there is welcoming, motivating and constant hype men/women! He invests in you every day! Even when you can’t find the motivation or energy to invest in yourself! All you have to do is just “show up”. I promise he will handle the rest! – Sandy E

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