About Us

There is a lot that sets us apart from the other gyms you might visit.

Why We’re Different

Our goal is to build an strong team and a great gym culture, with lots of camaraderie and teamwork. We know that creating an environment in which people are motivated, fostering an atmosphere of empowerment, and supporting our fighters, athletes, and clients, is how we can achieve world-class status. That’s why we offer such an affordable and flexible plan to our members. Unlike many other gyms, we think about relationships before anything else. Many other gyms will charge double our monthly membership, to work out and train in a less than ideal environment. We understand the resources that one needs to succeed and be happy. Your personal progress is rewarding to us. When you are adding skills, being more healthy and becoming a better person it makes us happy. Simply put we are all working towards a common goal. It’s a winwin for everybody. We encourage you to take as many scheduled classes as you like, in all the different workouts we offer.

Meet The Owner

Mike Santiago is a UFC fighter and the proud owner of Santiago Training Center in Lombard, Illinois. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Mike developed a passion for martial arts at a young age and has been training and competing for over a decade.

Mike’s dedication to the sport led him to become a professional mixed martial artist, competing in the featherweight division of the UFC. He has an impressive record of wins, including several knockouts and submission victories. However, Mike’s love for martial arts extends beyond his own accomplishments in the ring.

Mike uses his skills and experience to help others achieve their fitness and martial arts goals. He opened the Santiago Training Center in Lombard, where he offers a variety of classes and programs for people of all ages and skill levels. Mike is passionate about teaching others and helping them to achieve their own personal victories, whether that means improving their fitness, learning self-defense, or training to compete in martial arts competitions.

As a gym owner, Mike takes a hands-on approach to working with his clients, creating personalized training plans and offering one-on-one coaching to help them reach their full potential. He is dedicated to creating a supportive and encouraging environment at the Santiago Training Center, where everyone feels welcome and motivated to achieve their goals.

Overall, Mike Santiago is a passionate and dedicated martial artist who is committed to helping others achieve their fitness and martial arts goals. His experience as a professional fighter and his love for the sport make him an excellent coach and mentor for anyone looking to improve their skills and reach their full potential.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say!

Angela Loiotile
Angela Loiotile
Santiago’s training center is the best place to train. From group training to one on one Mike is the best. Very knowledgable in his craft and goes above and beyond for every single person in the gym. BREAKFAST CLUB FOR LIFE
e a
e a
This gym is phenomenal!!!! It’s one of the greatest places in Illinois to learn MMA from a pro! Mike Santiago is very friendly, and everyone at the gym is super friendly. Mike is extremely skilled in Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling and has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It’s also a great place for general fitness and conditioning! You learn the conditioning methods that Mike used as a professional for MMA.
Your Promo Partners
Your Promo Partners
Instructor & owner Mike Santiago is a true professional
William Caballero Jr
William Caballero Jr
I am a 40-year-old man who thought he could never start at this age learning juijitsu, but Mike has proven me wrong. I couldn't have picked a better place and coach. Mike Santiago is an amazing teacher; very kind and patient. And his facility, Santiago Training Center, is a well maintained place. I have been attending classes for a couple of months, and it doesn't look like I will be stopping any time soon. Thanks Mike. You're the man. "Lets go!"
Andrew Szczecinski
Andrew Szczecinski
Santi is simply a fantastic coach. As someone that not only fought but still trains consistently in MMA, I can honestly attest that his attentive style of coaching as well as his curriculum are both practical and effective. System aside, his personality is full of positive energy, which makes the training experience as fun as it is efficient. I’d highly recommend you visit Santiago Training Center if you have any goals regarding health, fitness, or combat.
Eric Zamarripa
Eric Zamarripa
Amazing coach, great training and the energy with Mike Santiago is through the roof!!
Derek Martin
Derek Martin
Mike is the man! I just randomly walked in one day hoping to get in shape. Mike greets me with a handshake and says “let’s get to work.” I’ve been training there a few days per week ever since. I’m getting in great shape and the boxing & kickboxing skills are a REAL nice bonus! Go see Mike!
I’ve been on and off with fitness for 7ish years, never really finding my groove. I was recommended to Santi by someone who had only great things to say about who Santi is as a person. All that heart he has reflects 100% in his work and gym. He’ll challenge you in the best ways and you’ll get the best work out of your life. The positivity and good energy in this space is addictive and incredibly contagious. I’ve found my gym. Sign up and see for yourself!!!
Serg Lopez
Serg Lopez
By far one of the most positive human beings I’ve encountered. The gym is new and growing, I had the pleasure of taking some one on ones with coach and owner Mike Santiago. He’s got a clear grasp on everything he does and explains it clearly, and concisely with people of all ages. I’m glad to be part this place!

Sonjia S

Santiago Training Center is a phenomenal gym. Great down-to-earth no-nonsense environment where the athletes and other members come to put the work in. This place is a no-frills joint based on grit, discipline and respectful reverence for the martial arts and personal traning. The Staff is 100% experienced, professional and dedicated on point with their TEAM. There is a TRUE family feel in this special place. Grateful for my sons to be able to come up in this gym with positive role models. Thanks to Mike for being such a great person. – Sonjia S

Sandy E

I’ve trained with santi (Mike) for 5 years now. He’s been my trainer, coach and occasional therapist as well. His new gym has everything needed to start either your weight loss journey, or your fighting career! I walked into his old gym pushing 200 lbs. he’s gotten me down to 130lb. When I stopped training due to personal reasons, I walked back in at 185lbs and currently we are at 139lbs and going. He’s trained me in my weight loss journey as well as coached me for my first fight! You will absolutely not be disappointed with this guy or his gym! From the second you walk in you are treated like family! Every person there is welcoming, motivating and constant hype men/women! He invests in you every day! Even when you can’t find the motivation or energy to invest in yourself! All you have to do is just “show up”. I promise he will handle the rest! – Sandy E